Thursday, December 6, 2007

Richard Armstrong's Side of the Family

More pictures from the piles I've been scanning. These are from my grandfather Richard's side of the family. Unfortunately they aren't very clear, but I'll do what I can.

First off is a snapshot of Richard Armstrong with his parents in Granger, Iowa. Dennis and Dora Armstrong are on the right, Richard is in the middle, and on his left is his sister Ruth Armstrong. The woman on the far left is unknown. My grandmother's caption read "Ella Grace?" but this was then crossed out. It definitely isn't her, but that means we have another mystery -- who is the woman on the left?

Next, a couple of close-ups of the picture above. Ruth Armstrong was quite a looker!

Finally, another picture of Dennis Armstrong. I have a couple more but none of them are very good photographs, unfortunately.

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Jon Findley said...

You are right. The woman on the left is not Ella Grace. She might have been away at college at this time (1930- 1932?). I have never seen these pictures of the family but my best guess would be that the woman on the left is Dora's sister, Harriett Bagley (Aunt Hattie). She was 3 years younger than Dora. They lived together in Granger, Iowa after the farm was sold (abt. 1937 after Dennis died). All the photos, papers, and artifacts that I have came from the attic of that Granger house which was sold in 1950 when Aunt Hattie died.