Friday, October 26, 2007

Cast of Characters: Beckey, Cindy

This photo shows my mother Susan Zahner (then Armstrong) on the far left with her sister Joan on the far right, flanking Rebecca (Beckey) Lynch on the left and Cynthia (Cindy) Clarke on the right. The taller woman in the back is Nancy Clarke, daughter of Harrison (Marcella's brother) and Molly Clarke.

A note on name spelling: to the best of my knowledge, "Beckey" was the spelling that she herself wanted, although it was used inconsistently by other family members.

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Norman McIntyre said...

I have enjoyed the information on Clarke Family.I worked for Joe and Lucy Clarke in the fall of 1961 to April 1963 when I went into the US Army.Cindy was my age.Her and I would get into water battles with water hose in the barn.Cindy got quite upset with me when I rode her white horse through the pond to chase the cows out.Her horse had mud up to her knees.She asked me one time why I didn't ask her for a date.I said I didn't think it right to date the bosses daughter.The Clarkes were great people to work for.They will always be in my memory.

Norman McIntyre