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Marcella Armstrong's Journal, Installment 2

[Page six text continues after a slight vertical gap. This entry is about Henry Harrison Clarke and family.]

My brother Harrison graduated from high school in June 1921. He entered Springfield Y.M.C.A. college in Springfield, Massachusetts, the following September. I will never forget the evening he boarded the Boston Sleeper alone. It went silently into the night -- taking him.

College years were not easy, for he worked at a railway express until very late at night. He even kept house for a bachelor.

Harrison has done so very, very well. He has changed from a "y" secretarial course to Physical Education. His first position was at Chautauqua, N.Y., teaching both girls and boys. He planned a new gymnasium, which was built there. He had championship basketball teams.

He was recommended by Dr. Frederick Rogers of the New York state Education Department for a position at Syracuse University. He was Intermural Director there and began to study toward a Master's degree. He did attain that and went on -- teaching and studying -- toward a doctorate.

I neglected to say that he was married during the Chautauqua years to Molly (Florence) Osborne. Molly was from Junbridge [Tunbridge?] Vermont. She had taken a business course and was living at the Y.W.C.A. in Springfield.

A son David Harrison was born on August 14, 1930 while they were at Chautauqua. It wasn't easy to teach and study -- with a wife and baby -- but they accomplished it. Some courses he took at Columbia University. Harrison's course in Statistics was very popular. He was a good teacher with a sense of humor.

I have a biography of H. Harrison Clarke, written by Vicki E. Ranta as a thesis for her Master's degree at Oregon University. It is entitled "H. Harrison Clarke: His Life and Contributions to Physical Education." It is dated August 1969.

His thesis for the Master's degree was entitled "Administrative Problems in Required Physical Education for Men in Universities." He received the degree in August 1931.

He then began the course work for the Doctor of Education (Ed. D.) in educational administration. Ninety hours of course work and comprehensive tests. The degree was granted in 1940. (He wrote for 48 hours in the comprehensive testing.)

As Dr. H. Harrison Clarke, he was called back to Springfield College as Director of Graduate Studies in Physical Education. He established a graduate school there.

In World War II, he entered as Major in the physical fitness program. He advanced to Lieutenant Colonel. He was in the Medical Administrative program -- assigned to both Armay and Air Force -- operation of Convalescent Centers for Air Force Personnel. He was in active duty until January 15, 1946, and in the reserves until 1965.

I neglected to say that a daughter Nancy Ann was born in 1934 (September 30).

He was chosen to be research professor at the University of Oregon at Eugene and moved from Springfield in 1953. He became internationally known with his Doctoral programs. Students came from Australia, Belgium, France, Canada, Japan to study under his guidance.

He was given a Fulbright lectureship and spent a year in Australia: six months at the University in Melbourne; six months at the University in Perth. Molly was with him. There was great interest in his lectures.

Harrison's son David has followed in his father's footsteps. He graduated from Springfield College, went into the Medical Corps of the Army (in Texas), and then to the University of Oregon, where he earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree. He teaches, carries on research and writes books (some with his father) at the University of Maryland.

David and Lou have three children: Gregory, Stephen and Meredith. Greg is completing his doctorate in Immunology. He took some courses in Switzerland. Steve has graduated from the University of Maryland and is now teaching in a college in Indiana. Meredith is at Bucknell University.

Harrison's daughter Nancy graduated from the University of Oregon and was married the same day to Stanley Hunston. Nancy has taught all of her married life. Stan and Nancy have two children: Scott Harrison, who has entered Willamette University in Salem, Oregon; Tamara, a senior in high school as this is written (1979).

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