Saturday, October 27, 2007

In Conway, SC, 1998

This was taken in July 1998 when Marcella was staying with my parents, Don and Joan Joy, in Conway, SC. Marcella stayed with my parents for several weeks when Amy Potts was pregnant with her second child, Collin. At the time, Marcella was living with Susan in her house on Bird Drive in Erie. Wence Witkowski, Susan's husband, was ill and in a nursing home. Marcella was 94 at this time, and although she was sharp and still able to do many things, she was becoming frail and unable to live alone. So, a few months after Wence moved to the nursing home, Marcella moved into to Susan's house. To enable Susan to go to Ohio to help her son Brian and his wife Amy through a difficult pregnancy--Amy was hospitalized, Marcella went to stay with Joan and Don in South Carolina for awhile. Susan went to Ohio and watched after Madelaine, Brian and Amy's oldest child, until Amy was able to return home with Collin. Then Susan travelled to Conway for some R&R and to bring Marcella back to Erie. Amy and Brian and family have since moved to Las Vegas.

From left: Don Joy, Paul Potts, Susan Witkowski, Marcella Armstrong, and Joan Joy in Don and Joan's backyard.

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Paul R. Potts said...

I think the photo may have been from December 1999-January 2000 when I was in Conway for Y2K. I don't think I was quite that fat in 1998! I could be mistaken, though.