Friday, October 19, 2007

Ready to Scan

The new scanner arrived this morning. It powers up and passes its self-tests. I have some work ahead of me to reorganize my desk and office to make room for everything. This includes giving away the black 21" IBM P202 monitor that is taking up most of the space on my desk, and, eventually, my HP Business Inkjet 1100 printer. The plan is to start on the scanning of the Polaroid pictures as soon as tonight!

I'm excited, but I'm sure it will start to seem a lot less exciting, especially since my right shoulder has been giving me pain recently, with tendonitis that is apparently the result of excess mouse use and taking almost a thousand digital pictures. I'm contemplating adding a graphics tablet to the mix when I get to the retouching and restoration phase.

The exact software workflow is still to be determined, so I won't have anything by way of restored final images for a while, but will post bits of the work in progress.

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