Friday, October 26, 2007

Marcella Armstrong's Journal, Installment 5

Beckey went into nurse's trailing at Albany, New York, but she did not finish. She met Tom Nicholson who was at a military base nearby. She got a job as ward clerk in a hospital at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where her mother was house mother in a sorority. Tom and Beckey were married in an Episcopal Church. They went to Bridgeport, Connecticut, to live. Laurie was born there.

Tom and Beckey did not get along very well. Tom flew to Mexico and got a quick divorce.

Clara then gave up her position in Chapel Hill and helped Beckey, staying with Laurie while Beckey worked. Soon they sold Beckey's house and came to Westfield, where a house was built across the driveway from Joe and Tootie. The house is very nice -- large rooms, two fireplaces, two bathrooms, family room, double garage attached, a large lot. Clara had the patio enclosed -- planned by an architect.

Becky worked in the cardiac unit at Hamot Hospital in Erie, Pa. She drove at least 60 miles each day in all kinds of weather.

She met Paul Marsala... [Redacted]

It was in December. The Episcopal Church in Westfield was filled. Beckey wore a cream white gown and veil. The reception for 100 or more people was at Clara's house. The "elite" of Westfield were there. A wedding trip to Niagara Falls.

The marriage lasted only a few months. Beckey asked to come back to Clara's. [Redacted].

It was a long time before Beckey was accepted into Hamot Hospital. She got a job at Lansmith's in Ripley -- working with cherries, a factory job. Finally Hamot Hospital hired her as messenger in the kidney unit. Laurie is now ten years old, very active. Beckey keeps her busy -- with Girl Scouts, church junior choir, baton twirling lessons and later parades all summer, swimming, softball, flute lessons, Chautauqua girls' club, ice skating, etc. And she would fly to Hartford for every vacation with her father and his new wife, who is a registered nurse. Tom lost his position and now he is in Denver, Colorado, learning to service guns. His wife works in the VA Hospital there.

Clara is very busy in Westfield. She was president of the Episcopal Guild, president of Garden Club, is very active in the Episcopal Church. She attends a Wednesday morning prayer and communion group. She plays in the Bridge club and goes to the dinners of the Cabin Crowd near Jamestown. She takes Weaving at Chautauqua summer school.

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