Monday, November 19, 2007

Two Armstrong Family Meals

A New Year's dinner. 21151 Nunes Ave., Castro Valley, California. Richard Armstrong is standing. Around the table are, left side back to front, Lenore Frimoth (face partially hidden), Bud Frimoth, Susan (front). On the right side, back to front, are an unknown man (the photo says "-- Navy"), Don Nelson (a friend?), and Marcella. It looks like a Thanksgiving-style menu with a roast turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and the traditional cylindrical can-shaped slab of cranberry sauce. It looks like Susan got milk in her glass. The rest probably had water, not wine; my grandmother was fairly disapproving of alcohol of any kind.

A picnic with Joan, Richard, and Susan. The back of the photo says "Lake Erie shore." I am not sure why he is wearing a suit to a picnic, but it seems to go with the nice china coffee cup. It looks like they're eating oranges, Hershey's kisses, milk, a thermos of coffee, and sandwiches on white bread wrapped in wax paper. Is that some kind of wrapped up chocolate swirl cake, in front of the glass of milk, to go with the Hershey's kisses?

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