Monday, November 5, 2007

Where's Waldo? (Susan Zahner Edition)

This is one of the biggest pictures in the collection: a class photo from Castro Valley High School, June 1951. There are almost 150 people in this picture! (That's an estimate; I did not actually have the patience to count each one.)

This print is almost 17 inches wide and had been stored folded in half, so it has an ugly crease down the middle. It is a good example of why I need some specialized boxes for storing these photos flat. Despite this damage, the big print is extremely clear and still has a lot of contrast.

Because it is so big, I had to scan it in pieces and assemble it. This was a bit tricky because the print won't lie entirely flat because of the fold in the middle, and the scanner cover distorts the creased paper in slightly different ways depending on how it is positioned. I had to assemble pieces from three different scans. I'm pretty decent with Photoshop, so the join is almost completely invisible even at extreme magnification.

Can you find Susan?

The back of the print is signed: Marcella Armstrong, Irene Robertson, Shirly Hoffesher (sp?), Jane Roberts, Adele Dawson, Darleen Lansford, and Sally Locke. My mother's high-school friends; back then her name was Susan Clarke Armstrong.

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