Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bucklins and Clarkes 1

I've been scanning in some of the older photographs, and drawing family trees. These prints are in remarkably good condition, although they could use some more advanced digital restoration. Here are some photographs of Isabel Clarke (Bucklin), born in 1880, also known in some of the notes as "Belle." Here she is in 1897 (this is the only dated photo I could find):

Isabelle is often shown with her brother Harrison Bucklin, born in 1874 (the names Harry, Henry, and Harrison appear frequently in this portion of the family tree -- it is a bit confusing!) Here he is, the same year:

Here is baby Belle:

A young Harry (nice skirt!):

The two together:

Some very nice portraits, probably from about 1897:

A beautiful portrait:

Now, here is the man she married: Henry Elliot Clarke, son of David William Clarke and Louisa Clarke (Curtis).

They were married in 1901.

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