Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lost Friends and Relations

The back of this photo is dated 1897 and indicates the people in it, left to right: Lavantia Dimick (Miller), Isabel Bucklin (Clarke), Cousin Wallace Miller (with a question mark after it), and Harrison Bucklin. I have no idea who Lavantia Dimick or Wallace Miller are or how they fit in to the family, if they do.

This photo shows Henry Elliot Clarke in the center, but I don't know who the other two boys are; is the one on the right Wallace Miller who appears in the first picture? The one on the left looks to me like he could be a brother of Henry, maybe?

This next photograph shows a group with Isabel Bucklin. According to the writing on the back, which looks like it could be in Isabel's own hand, the woman on the left is Maude, and the one on the top right is Lora Cummings (if I'm reading her handwriting correctly). The middle row shows, left to right, Anna Martin and Florence Siggni (the last name is hard to read). I don't have any more information on Lora, Anna, or Florence.

Perhaps you can decipher the names better than I can?

Here is another group picture:

The picture is not labeled, but if the labels on the other one are correct, it looks like (left-right) Maude, Anna, Florence, Isabel, and Lora.

Here is yet another group shot, again not labeled except for Isabel. I think that is Florence in the lower right, but the rest are unclear. Is that Maude on the left, or could it be Lavantia Miller? Help!

Finally, there are several photographs of Isabel and Maude together. Here is one of the best ones:

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