Sunday, November 11, 2007

Grace Bucklin?

I just scanned a snapshot dated August, 1956 of Richard Armstrong, Marcella Armstrong, and my mother Susan Zahner. On the back was written in my grandmother's handwriting:

"Kennewick, Washington. Dick, Susan, Marcella, August 1956. While Grace Bucklin was visiting us from Jamestown, N. Y."

Who is Grace Bucklin?

In the Bucklin Society database I found two Grace Bucklins, one born in 1873 and one born September 23, 1912 to Washington Irving Bucklin Jr. and Dora Veronica Riley, and married at an unknown date to Herbert M. Skippe. Is the one born in 1912 the Grace Bucklin my grandmother was referring to? She would have been about 44 years old in 1956. If so, how did my grandmother know her?

To get from her to me in the family tree, you have to go up through her ancestors through two Washingtons, a Henry, and three Nehemiahs back to Joseph Bucklin II, (up 6 steps), then work your way back down through Joseph II's son Joseph III ten generations to me. Would that make her my tenth cousin?

Or is there another Grace Bucklin who should be in the Bucklin Society database?

UPDATE: see the comments. A Bruce Bucklin has contacted me with information about another Grace Bucklin, who died in 1957. Born in 1884, she would have been about 20 years older than my grandmother, or about 72 in 1956, the year my grandmother referred to a Grace Bucklin visiting. Was this the G. B. in question?


Unknown said...


There is another Grace Bucklin from Jamestown. She was born Feb 5, 1884, the daughter of Fransic K. and Eva Bucklin. She was a cousin of my Grandfather, Eugene Bucklin. She died in 1957, two years after retiring from her job as a buyer for a large department store, where she traveled extensively.

Hope this helps

Bruce Bucklin

Paul R. Potts said...

Thanks for your note, Bruce! I am still trying to fit all these people together. I still don't have any indication of how my grandmother knew the Grace Bucklin she mentioned in the photo caption. My Aunt Joan Joy (Armstrong) may remember something about Grace Bucklin.

Paul R. Potts said...

Bruce, are you Bruce W., grandson of Belle Vertie B. and Eugene Lawrence B.?

I'm looking for the Francis K. B. who is father of the Grace B. you mention. The best candidate I can find in my data is Francis Keyes B. Jr. 1850-1934, son of the Francis Keyes B. born 1 Nov 1810 and married to Laura/Lura Ann Wilcox. I don't have any information from the Bucklin Society database about a spouse or children for Francis Jr. Can you help me fill in the details? Send me an e-mail off the blog ( if you would like.