Saturday, November 10, 2007

Henry Elliot Clarke and Isabel Bucklin Clarke, More Pictures

Henry Elliot Clarke again:

The scan above is derived from my 1200 dpi, 48 bit-per-pixel "master" scan that I took before attempting to clean the print.

This portrait represents my biggest accident to date. It is quite dirty, so I decided to try the emulsion cleaner on it. For some reason, although it worked successfully on other prints from this time period, on this particular print, the PEC-12 cleaner dissolved the emulsion very rapidly. Since I started at the edge, it is only the background that got damaged, not the face, but the original now looks much worse. It is a reminder that I need to be more careful. The conservator's creed is something like "don't do anything that you can't undo." I hope my granchildren will forgive me!

I also have some more pictures of Isabel. Both are undated:

Another picture of Isabel and Henry:

The original is kind of blurry, but some improvement of the focus is possible. Here are some computer-sharpened close-ups of the photo above:

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