Thursday, November 1, 2007

Henry Eliott Clarke and Isabel Bucklin Clarke

Henry and Isabel Clarke were Marcella's parents and Susan and Joan's grandparents. They were Paul's and my great grandparents, but we never knew them. Henry, one of 11 children, was employed by a bank in Tidioute, PA, after graduating from high school. He worked as an assistant cashier and then a cashier for 23 years, according to genealogy notes that my mother sent me a few years ago. Henry rode a bicycle to work. He wanted to be a farmer so bought a grape farm east of Westfield. NY, instead of moving to Boston when the bank relocated there.

Isabel Teresa was born on July 12, 1880. Her mother died when she was 3, and her father died when she was 19.

Isabel and Henry had four children -- Henry Harrison Clarke, born June 30, 1902; Marcella Bucklin Clarke, born Feb. 18, 1904; Joseph Cornelius Clarke, born Feb. 9, 1906; and Clara Louise Clarke, born Aug. 8, 1908. Today, being All Saints' Day, is a good day to think of them, and especially of Susan, the most recently deceased in our family.

I have more old photos like this, but it will take some time to identify who's who. And I have to pack -- leaving early tomorrow for a business trip. So, I won't be able to post any new photos for a little while.

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