Saturday, November 17, 2007

Back to Tidioute

In the back of the small album of cyanotypes of Tidioute, probably owned by Isabel Teresa Bucklin (who became my great-grandmother), the following picture was included. It is marked in her hand "Family Picnic," followed by something that looks like "Sunny Brook Farm, August 1907":

Maybe I can use this as a key to identify some people in the Tidioute pictures! It is labeled on the back, but unfortunately the labeling is confused and incomplete. Fortunately, I have other pictures to use as well. Here is a great formal portrait of the Clarke siblings:

From left to right, that's Joseph, Marcella, Clara, and Harrison.

So in our Tidioute picnic photo, I'm pretty sure this is Clara:

I'll go along with the caption that claims this is Harrison:

The caption indicates that this is Marcella, but the hair doesn't look very familiar and since I can't see her face it is hard to confirm that claim.

And, finally, this girl's face looks vaguely familiar, but I just can't match it up for sure:

Next time I'll look at the adults; they are a bit harder to identify!

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